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Halle Ravine, Pound Ridge

click for a larger view

click for a larger view

Halle Ravine is located in the town of Pound Ridge, near the border of Connecticut. It’s a 38 acre preserve owned by The Pound Ridge Land Conservancy, but is also listed in The Nature Conservancy’s Preserve Guide. A little confusing, but perhaps these organizations work together in some capacity.

There are a few other land conservancy organizations in the area which own and maintain nature preserves. There’s the Westchester Land Trust which looks to be very active in preserving land as well as educating the public about nature and its preservation. Cool!

Back to the Halle Ravine…

start of the trail, and kiosk

start of the trail, and kiosk

Parking for this preserve is on the side of the road, near a white gate. There’s enough room to get you off the road, but there’s only enough space for about three cars.


There is really only one trail here, which takes you down the ravine and back, but there are a few little spurs and loops off of the main one. At the beginning of the trail you have the option of going to the right or left. Going right takes you on a trail above the ravine. It’s not very interesting but gives you a nice view of the ravine, and the man-made ponds at the beginning.


There are several trees which have been tagged with identification markers, which is nice, since I often wonder what kind of tree it is that I’m looking at. I need to find and bring my tree guide this spring.


I followed the upper trail which eventually cut down towards the ravine near its end. The ravine was cut by a stream that empties into a large alder swamp. The preserve ends here but the trail continues onto what appears to be private land, though there are no signs posted about trespassing and the trail map shows the trail continuing up and around a hill. I went into this area, but turned around once it seemed that I might be going onto someones driveway.

the alder swamp

the alder swamp

I stopped here for some coffee and granola. There was quite a bit of activity from the birds, which I can only imagine will be amplified when spring migration occurs.

a nice rock outcropping

a nice rock outcropping

Making my way back I took the lower trail that follows the stream through the ravine, again appreciative of the Yaktrax Pro traction devices on my feet. There was still some ice and compacted snow on the trails.


The trail crosses the stream a few times, and foot-bridges have been put in place.


There are some huge trees in the ravine, spared from logging by the steep terrain, I bet. Quite a few eastern hemlock were present, as well as these monsters that I see all over the place, but still don’t know their name.


The ravine is quite attractive, and the trail very easy to navigate. I’m not sure I would again go out of my way to visit Halle Ravine, but if in the area its a nice place to stop for a quick walk. I’ll leave you with some more photos…




Roger Halle memorial bench