Exploring The Eugene and Agnes Meyer Nature Preserve

img_7083These nature preserves just seem to keep popping up. I guess they’ve been here for a while but I’m just becoming aware of them.

This morning I went for a hike in The Eugene and Agnes Meyer Nature Preserve, maintained by The Nature Conservancy, just northeast of Armonk. From the Nature Conservancy website I learned that there are two separate parcels to this preserve. East and west. Two separate entrances, as well. After picking up a map at the kiosk I found that they are connected by an abandoned section of of Oregon Rd.

I parked at the assigned parking spot for the western parcel, which looks like it would only accommodate 2 cars, maybe 3 if people parked considerately. I wonder where others park when these spots are full.


The western parcel seems to be mostly old pasture and is fairly void of trees, except for on the almost impossible to navigate (poorly blazed) yellow trail, where it appears that there was some attempt to replant trees at some point in the last 50 or so years. Large pine trees all in straight rows.



Not ugly, but not very interesting. This might be nice in the spring and summer for bird-watching.


I saw quite a few white-tailed deer. Here are what look like a couple of adolescents.


A nice, big, glacial boulder.

After getting myself back on the yellow trail I followed it to the red trail which led to the abandoned part of Oregon Road. Taking this road south led me to the trailhead of the eastern parcel. Heading east, the yellow trail quickly gained elevation, and twisted through trees and glacial boulders. This was more what I was looking for. The eastern parcel is definitely more interesting and rugged than the western parcel.


Oregon Road


Leading into the eastern parcel


A rock outcropping




At the more northern end of the yellow trail there is a bit of a view

I think these are eastern hemlocks, though I’m not sure. Apparently there are quite a few old hemlocks in this preserve.


I wanted to hike the rest of the trails in the eastern parcel, but was running out of time, so I headed back on Oregon Road, back on the red trail, and to the parking area. Just before the end of the red trail I spied this abandoned car on the other side of a stone wall. Apparently idiots are everywhere. Unfortunate.