Meyer Nature Preserve, Eastern Parcel – sunny, yet cold morning


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When I checked the forecast this morning it said 12 degrees, but it also said that there was no wind, which makes a big difference. I wore long underwear and brought my heavier gloves, but otherwise dressed as I normally do for winter hiking.

I was thinking of exploring a new place, but didn’t want to spend the time driving, so I opted for Meyer Preserve. It’s pretty spectacular, so it’s not like I had to settle for anything. Exploring a new preserve or sanctuary is a bit more interesting because of the discovery aspect, but Meyer is so satisfying that I didn’t feel I missed out.

This time, instead of following the blue trail north, which in my previous post I said goes too close to highway 684, I chose the red trail which turned out to be really great. It’s much more enclosed in the fauna, and has a lot of elevation change, so it was a bit better of a workout.


From the red trail I cut west on the white trail until it met up with the orange trail, which heads due south. From the orange trail you can pick up the yellow trail loop, which is a great trail as there is lots of incline and a nice spot where you get a decent view to the east over the preserve and beyond.

I’ve been bringing a thermos of coffee with me and this spot on the yellow trail is a perfect mid-point to stop for a break.


The snow was, at most, 6 inches deep, and I had my snowshoes with me but never felt that I needed them. I was wearing my Yaktrax so my traction was fine. I have used the snowshoes a couple of times since getting them, but we really haven’t had enough snow to warrant their use.


After finishing the yellow trail loop I headed back south on the orange trail. This trail is really beautiful as it follows a stream down a small ravine, with massive trees towering above. I’m not sure what type of tree this is, but it’s pretty impressive. I have a great tree book that shows how to identify trees, but it’s very difficult to do when there aren’t any leaves, buds, or flowers to help the process. Spring…


This is one of my favorite rock outcroppings in the entire preserve. It’s so dramatic and looks great with the filtered light on it.


Sometimes when I’m plodding along on a trail I forget to check what’s above me, then something catches my eye that reminds me I should always be aware of my surroundings. It would not be good to be under this when it finally gives way and falls.


Great hike today. It feels good to be back in the swing of things after being sick and out of it for a week.